Tift Window

This window has a dual opening function. It leans on an axis positioned horizontally in the inferior part for a better ventilation. It is the most recommended window due to its functionality and appearance.

Openable Window

This window opens thanks to its axis positioned vertically in the frame. Its advantage is that its supports greater weight. It is recommended for large window with a traditional type of opening.

Sliding Window

This window slip towards one or two sides upon a rail in its inferior frame. It is recommended to be put in a place where space wants to be saved.

Folding Window

This alternative allows the possibility to fully open the span. The “booked” mechanism of the moving leaves allows to set free the wished opening surface. The passage is not blocked by fixed glasses, nor by crossbars or posts. The modern ironworks guarantee the flexibility of usage.

Parallel Window

This window slides by rails placed parallel to the frame, when handle is turned, the leaf moves towards the interior crossing the guide system with a comfortable and soft trail.

Lifting Window

It is recommended for large windows that require from an opening functionality. The technology of this product allows the window to be opened effortlessly.

Oscillating parallel Window

This is an optimal choice for large sized windows, it is formed by a complex ironwork that allows to overlap one leaf with another, so that the maximum opening is obtained on the smallest space, guaranteeing the total insulation when the window is closed.

Oscillating Window

This window is opened by swinging over its upper edge. The great advantage is that it barely occupies space when it opens allowing an excellent ventilation.


Opening, rounded or oval, in the shape of a window.

Round-arch Window

Semicircular opening shape. Main element of the domed architecture.