Our Company

Talleres Mazo is a company in continuous growth.

Talleres Mazo was founded in 1941 as a mechanic carpentry and cabinetmaking.

After more than 50 years in the business, we decided to offer another kind of comfort,
not only physical through our furniture made with the greatest timber and by the best carpenters, but also we wanted to grant our clients with personal comfort that would be a source of peace and serenity for the whole family.

Quiet nights resting noiselessly, air temperature cooler in summer and hotter in winter, all of this is possible due to the great thermal insulation produced by the high quality of our PVC systems along with a formidable glazing.

We built our own windows and get them assemble for you just in one day. Of course, with the guarantee of a company that has been in the business for two generations already, always producing excellent results with an outstanding quality.

Our factory is located on Alhama de Almeria, it is provided with the needed machinery and professionals with the required training to make of our fabrication process a meticulous and personalized work for the needs of each of our clients and their homes.

We have at your disposal a store in Almeria capital city, located on Ronda Road Number 76, opposite to Mercadona supermarket, where you can come to take a closer look of our products.

Our staff is filled with professionals who have been working in this business with us for more than 20 years, so they are more than aware of each and every possible situation when it comes to build and assemble our windows, doors and enclosures. The process is always fulfilled perfectly and in case of any sort of problem that may occur through the installation, our staff is trained to fix it immediately, always with the prior consent of our client.

A company which always had and will always offer the maximum quality at the best prize, because our clients’ satisfaction is our main goal.
Last, but not least, our company is committed with the preservation of the environment through the cogeneration system of PVC.
Our materials comply firmly with the German regulations of quality, Germany is the leading country in PVC development and investigation.

This way, we have managed to set up a system of quality and environmental care, according to UNE-EN ISO 9001- 14001-2004 rule, everything has been done to grant our client with the best service possible. Likewise, we have established the obligatory CE for windows and door according to the 14351 rule which has been in force since February 1st 2010.